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Feb 14th, 2018

Tape migration

Data migration refers to the process of moving data among the data storage systems, computer systems or data formats. In this case, it refers to transferring data from a tape to another source of data recording system that can be retrieved easily even after a long period of time.

Tape media transfer is advantageous in that it has a low cost for the amount of data it can store and is also durable in that it can stay for a very long time. The problem with it becomes training this data after a long period of time, say ten years or so. To restore this data would take up time and that is why we, therefore, propose that you transfer data to a data system that can be easily restored in some future time.

The relevance of tape migration in 2018

You get to realize that after a long period of time most organizations will want to retrieve some former data as they make their future planning’s for the advancement of their organization. For instance, organizations such as the aircraft or energy industry keep some safety information for several decades. They tend to save developments even for more than ten years.

Retrieving data that has been stored for up to ten years might be a bit challenging. It might also bring up some extra expenses that could be avoidable. In such a season you then realize how important the transfer of data from the tape is important. You will also realize that after a long period of time some data tapes are hard to back up.

In this case, therefore, such types of organizations need to migrate data so as to avoid extra expenses and inconveniences when the data is required. This will keep the company up to date with data from several years back.


To sum it all, tape migration is very important even today in 2018 for it helps organizations to retrieve every data that would be needed to make updated plans especially now that we are advancing in technology.

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